Day 66: The One With Multiple Answers


It’s fascinating to see what the kiddos learn and when. Our current unit is coordinate geometry, but builds heavily on our linear equations units.

This group of kiddos worked pretty dilligently (which is a huge step for them – they are mostly new to the school and groupwork and being a student at our school is a new concept to them). At one point, one kiddo says (en espaƱol) – “All the numbers for this question are different. Who’s right?” They were asking about calculating the slope using different slope triangles and, as it turned out, everyone was correct.

What do you notice? What do you wonder?2016-11-18-13-50-35-2

Day 48: The One Where We Explain Slope to Each Other


We’re heavily borrowing structures and curriculum from the last time we taught this course 2 years ago and I’m totally OK with that. One of those structures is the Explain to Each Other where students try to solve a problem and then explain it to a group with a different problem. The emphasis today is on finding the slope in a linear equation, given an equation and the option to make a table and a graph.img_20161024_084234What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Day 47: The One with the Slope Triangles


We rotate the kiddos through stations, where they take different linear graphs and calculate the slope. We are challenged at every turn by trouble reading graphs – are we counting numbers or squares? We start to make connections between different-sized slope triangles on the same line.

img_20161021_083712What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Day 46: The One with the Waterfall


Curriculum Partner and I try to think of a classroom structure where kiddos can work together, but have some control over their pacing while dealing with a subject (slope and slope triangles) that some have seen and know well while some others just need to practice. We decide on homogenous groups where kiddos can move at their own pace and where sometimes skip students on to more challenging problems.

When We Patent* Our Curriculum, we will refer to this as “the Waterfall”. It will make us millions.

Photo: Slope calculations, thinking and an artistic pencil sharpening.2016-10-20-09-10-08What do you notice? What do you wonder?

*We will never patent a curriculum. But if we did…

Day 44: The One With Slope Triangles


Fresh off the college trip, we come back to a reading guide on slope and slope triangles. It really hits me this time that slope triangles are a more visual way to see slope, a way to break down what growth means, and to look at unit slope in order to compare slopes.

Photo: the reading guide on slope and slope triangles.2016-10-18-15-12-49

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Day 42: The One Where We Explore Slope


Having done some conceptual slope introducing, we try to apply it to a couple different scenarios.

It’s always fascinating to see how the kiddos make sense of slope. Some know the formula from prior classes and just plug it in. Some look at the graphs and painstakingly count out the numbers for the rise and run.

Some members of this particular group knew the slope formula and applied it in an interestingly complicated way. They got the right answer, so… (I’m still making sense of it)2016-10-23-06-47-17

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Day 41: The One with Slope Stations


Similar to our unit launch from 2 years ago, we do stations with different slopes. The kiddos roll a coin down them to see which is fastest, which approximates slope. Kiddos are engaged and seem to make sense of it (I also do a better and more varied job of setting up and testing the stations), but we’re still wondering if they understand slope any better as a result of the stations.

Photo: Station set up and recording paper.2016-10-13-18-57-18What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Day 40: The One Where We Intro Slope


We start our new unit on linear equations, focusing on slope. It’s fascinating to see how units change from year to year. I remember being meh about the launch of this unit 2 years ago (possibly because I still had not much clue what I was doing as a 2nd year teacher). But I’m pretty pleased with how we used photos and student thinking to get this started (the same approach we used 2 years ago) and how it turned out.

Photos: Student thinking, based on photos of slope.2016-10-12-18-33-56-2What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Day 55: The One With the Group Quiz Revision

I’m doing things like watching TV and running again, which means that grades must have been due Wednesday (fact). How long will it last?

In the time that I’ve been, uh, not blogging, we’ve gone through a unit on slope. Our individual quiz is tomorrow, so we’ve been preparing with a group quiz (Wednesday) and today with revisions to the group quiz. We paired students who spoke English with students who spoke more English and had them translate vocabulary words and then talk about the problems together. Mixed reviews, since this is the first time I’ve tried the structure (curriculum partner was able to try it last cycle; I was out of town for PD the day we tried it). There were some good discussions and I think kiddos did learn.

Photo: Group Quiz Revision

Group Quiz Revision

The photo above is from a student who, after seeing the sentence frames, said “I only have one answer,” and then asked about the other answers. I’ll take it.