Similar or Same: The One with Academic Language


That sinking moment when it becomes clear you didn’t teach vocabulary as much as you should have. There were some things that went well with this unit and a whole lot of new ideas for the next time we teach it, but I wish I’d done a better job emphasizing academic language, especially when the kiddos mistake “similar” for “same”, which is…reasonable, but problematic.

2017-02-20 12.23.48-1

The One with My Writing


Solving problems with similarity. The writing on this one is largely mine, which says something about this unit and how much access kiddos might feel they have to it. That being said, I hope they’re starting to make some connections to scale factors and multiplication. I also need to make more clear the idea of whether a shape is already similar or whether we’re trying to prove the shape is similar.

2017-02-07 18.10.13-1

The One with My Drawings


I’d say something about student work and messiness, but…this is my work from my full class demo. It gets the idea of dilation across. We struggled with dilating shapes from an external point last year, so this year, we focused on other ways to dilate shapes from a point on the shape itself. We had more luck with rulers and graphs. (And then there was a shark paper, where kiddos tried to dilate a giant shark. Wish I had some photos of that)

2017-02-06 17.32.01-1

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

The One with the Angle Measurements


We do some more work measuring angles, but this time with protractors. It feels like quite a few kiddos have some traction and understanding here. We do some more individual work with measuring lines and angles, which feels worthwhile.

Fun fact: the Spanish word for “protractor” is “transportador”. Wild.2017-02-05 00.54.21What do you notice? What do you wonder?