Day -5: The One Where We’re Baaaaack

First day back for teachers was yesterday. Full day of meetings, including teambuilding, icebreaking, snorting (see teambuilding), looking at cohorts of students for next year and planning for the first week. Good energy, as always.

Photo: My Room

Desks and TablesA fun (amazing) thing that our district does is power clean the floors over the summer. As a result, they move all the furniture out and then back in (after cleaning). Some incredibly well-meaning person put all the trapezoidal tables in my room in pairs, just like the rest of the classrooms in our school.

Except…I use the rectangular tables. Which means that I spent most of my room prep time (admittedly, only about 15 minutes) loudly dragging around tables.

This is not to complain at all; more to publicly remind myself to actually put the team roles (Task Manager, Group Manager, Communications Manager, Resource Manager) on the table so that I know which student is which role and can actually use them.

Photo: Meaningful Professional Development

Low Stakes Writing in My LanguageThis feels like cheating since it’s not something that I constructed, but rather part of a full staff exercise. We spent a large chunk of time talking in small groups about ways to differentiate instruction, which is a HUGE focus at our school. We read about, talked about, and wrote about different aspects of how to differentiate instruction for heterogenous groups. Say you’ve got a classroom where the students enter at different ability levels (which is true for all schools and extremely true for our school). What do you do to reach all students?

(This poster was about how to have students do low-stakes, low-barrier-to-entry writing in ML – my language. No grades, no grammar, just write.)