The One with the Last Day


The last day of summer school comes and goes. I try to find a way to fill time with expected absences (One kiddo told me, “Why did you tell me I had to come today?” to which I had to bite my tongue and not say, “I didn’t think you’d actually listen to me!”) and no new content. I end up having kiddos draw mathematics class for their opening and then fill it by having them reflect on the year and write cards to themselves and each other.

Photo: Someone’s drawing from the opening. Quite a few have the content and language objectives.Last Day of Summer School.jpg

What do you observe? What do you wonder?


Day 174: The One With the Field Trip to the Coldest Place on Earth

We are officially halfway through School Without Walls. I am co-teaching a course on healthy eating, along with three other teachers and an AMAZING local nonprofit which is helping our kiddos cook actual healthy food. There are 4 days of school left and only one of them is a full day.

Photo: The Opening

2015-05-22 16.50.09

Every year for the last two years, we’ve taken the kiddos on a field trip to Land’s End. Everyone brings (or tries to bring) food (someone’s mom woke up at 5am to make fruit salad, which was amazing), we do a picnic and then we do a bit of hiking. Our school is in the warmer part of the city, so I give my sweatshirts to a bunch of kiddos, watch them wear them and rotate them and eventually get them back, smelling of various teenage scents.

That being said, even four adults among 50 students is not quite enough. I don’t have any pictures from the actual field trip, I just have this photo of our opening, where students describe the food they brought and talk about something that surprised them about the course. It’s refreshing to hear so many students talk about the five food groups from MyPlate.

It is less refreshing to see the kiddos leave the following junk food in my room (consider this a failed formative assessment):

2015-05-22 16.50.24

That being said, you can probably guess what I snacked on all weekend…

Related but unrelated: contrary to popular opinion, the best way to start your 3-day weekend is not leaving your computer power cord at school.