Day 52: The One With the Equations and Representations


Another short day for the Halloween Dance and some vertical alignment and portfolios planning. We put the kiddos into partners (generally the same partner from yesterday) and had them read an equation, identify slope and y-intercept and then make a graph.

As it’s practice, it still takes a bit of time. I noticed that one of the kiddos was in a mood and needed a bit of alone time. So I had him sit and do a reflection. On his own, he asked how to do the first one and tried to solve problems, which was about as much as he usually does. So I think I’m ok with that decision. 2016-10-28-17-09-16-2

Day 51: The One With the Linear Equation Posters


After the surprise challenge of yesterday’s representations and equations, I was looking forward to having the kiddos make posters about linear representations. And it turned out to be a pretty cool day. I ended up taking photos of all the posters (for another learning community that I’m part of) but the one that stuck with me most was the scratch paper that some kiddos used to try and explain their idea to other kiddos. So much good conversation and group work (mostly). And lots of learning/releaning of important concepts.2016-10-27-18-28-11What do you notice? What do you wonder?