Day 34: The One with the Voting Graphs

“Don’t throw these graphs away. You will need them for the Voting Project on Friday”-me.

*sound of advisee crumpling up paper*

The struggle is real. What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Day 31: The One With the Election Winners


We talk about authentic problems in mathematics education all the time. Following yesterday’s class vote, we give the kiddos all the data from 8 classes and have them pick the winner several different ways. First, we let them pick their own way of deciding and there are some cool methods, including one group which gives points for people who pick the candidate as their first choice and take away points for people who rank the candidate last.

As it turns out, regardless of which of the methods we use, the same person wins (I need to re-read the article we based this task on, which had several different, more complicated ways to pick a winner).

Picture: The data and an answer sheet2016-09-28-18-21-32-2What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Day 30: The One Where We Actually Vote


At some point, Curriculum Partner and I decide that our Mathematics of Elections unit should focus on local politics (more relevant to the kiddos, we hope) and actually involve an election of some sort.

Today, we made the kiddos read candidate briefs (today was also full of heavy election jargon academic language), pulled and adapted from a local paper (and re-printed during 2nd period prep when I found typos. Ugh). Kiddos then asked other people about their candidate. Then we voted.

Data analysis to follow.2016-09-27-19-07-36-1



What do you notice? What do you wonder?