Day -7: The One With the Big Race


My new favorite thing is to hear more experienced teachers talk about their practice (though I hope this was always true). In the middle of figuring out many ways to represent a line during CPM training today, I realized that (much like the balloon toss problem), this problem could probably anchor part of our upcoming unit. What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Day -8: The One With Squarelandia


The District says they’ll have a training on CPM, a mathematics curriculum. Our district curriculum pulls from it and we talked about it in grad skool, so I’ve seen it. But I jump at the chance to hear from people who use it frequently and know it better than I do.

We basically spend the whole day doing mathematics. At one point, another participant remarks that our work (which I am explaining on the document camera because: mathematics teaching) looks like a flag, to which I can only respond: “Yes, for the country of Squarelandia.” To which my teammate, who drew the diagram says, “I’d totally live there.”

What do you notice? What do you wonder?The flag of Squarelandia