Intention of the Week: Write More

A friend (who should have a blog, but doesn’t) starts off the week with an intention of the week. Mine (which I, um, didn’t do yesterday) is to write more. Write in this blog. Write things down at work. Write more in general. So far, not doing well. (But it guilt tripped me in to writing this, so…)

Things I did today (oops yesterday):

  • Did more reconciling of books
  • Talked about professional development with another organization in our space
  • Helped deal with timesheets
  • Got distracted when I found out Maurice Sendak passed 😦 (rough week for Brooklyn)

Love this article on the Beastie Boy’s Adam Yauch, for everything that your average fan (myself included) doesn’t see about the band (Brooklyn, growth, children).

And this article on Blue Engine CEO/Founder Nick Ehrmann and the successes and challenges that Blue Engine has gone through in its first few years.

Am now realizing that it’s Wednesday and I am announcing this intention halfway through the week.