My Context and I

I teach mathematics (Algebra I and Geometry) at a small, district high school in the Bay Area (400 kiddos, 25 teachers). Our school is all emerging multilinguals (you could say “English Language Learners”, but some of the kiddos who struggle with content the most are learning their 3rd or 4th language), so I think about that some, too. Along with our population comes a host of questions about prior education, interrupted formal education, legal issues and documentation, family reunification, and socioemotional things. Because immigration has no timetable, our school starts the year underenrolled (think 15 kiddos per section) and grows to around 25 kiddos per section.

I also have an advisory of 15-22 of my kiddos depending on the time of year. I am generally responsible for supporting them through all the things that our school entails.

Prior to teaching, I worked with youth (both locally (1, 2) and abroad) and did operations for an education nonprofit in New York. I really like cult television shows that were cancelled before their time.

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