The One with Bags and Coins Groupwork

On our 3rd day back, I’m finally getting back into the swing of norms and routines (recovering from sickness is not helpful here). As part of our differentiation snake (a term Curriculum Partner and I borrowed from our coach last year), we spent yesterday working on bags and coins problems together. Some kiddos saw it last year, some are just now starting to understand. So we spent today doing individual practice. (Differentiation Snake note: We’ll be doing groupwork again tomorrow)

Even though work was individual and kiddos could move at their own rate, a couple groups worked together. In one of those rare “Only-In-First-Period-Am-I-Functional-Enough-To-Do-This” moments, I was doing a checkpoint with a group and they actually worked and talked together to help one kiddo correct a mistake.

2017-01-05-08-33-23-1What do you notice? What do you wonder?

(Context the first: This is from a mathematics class for students who are all emerging multilinguals.

Context the second: This blog is part of the #MTBoSblogsplosion, spearheaded by Carl Oliver. The Mathematics-Twitter-Blog-o-Sphere is a collective of mathematics educators on the internet who commit to blogging a certain number of times throughout January.

I’ve said I’m going to post a photo of student work every day for #teach180 (Thanks Sarah Carter!) and one post every weekend on more reflective things.)

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