The One with Bags and Coins

More balance as we explore Bags and Coins problems as a more concrete way of talking about balance on our way to solving equations. I forewent the usual demonstration that we (Curriculum Partner and I) do in front of class as the balance is a little faulty and doesn’t always do what I want. Kiddos struggled a bit, but it also might be first week waves with so many new kiddos in the mix. That being said, there were a lot of great conversations and supporting other students happening, so…

2017-01-04-16-48-44What do you notice? What do you wonder?

(Context the first: This is from a mathematics class for students who are all emerging multilinguals. We take on new kiddos throughout the year and are currently working our way through norming and teaching 3-4 new kiddos in each class of 25)

Context the second: This blog is part of the #MTBoSblogsplosion, spearheaded by Carl Oliver. The Mathematics-Twitter-Blog-o-Sphere is a collective of mathematics educators on the internet who commit to blogging a certain number of times throughout January.

I’ve said I’m going to post a photo of student work every day for #teach180 (Thanks Sarah Carter!) and one post every weekend on more reflective things.

That being said, I already missed one day since I’m recovering from a cold and took an accidental 10 hour “nap” as soon as I got home from work yesterday. Sorry I’m not sorry?)



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