The One With Balance

First day back from vacation. New unit on balance. Wish I’d put more of an emphasis on the word “equals” and given kiddos the names of the shapes on the paper. I think the most thinking and talking when I let the kiddos draw on the paper. Also, there were about 10 new kiddos spread across my 4 classes. Which is not a lot, but is enough to complicate things (especially when all the kiddos are emerging multilinguals). Dem’s the breaks at a school of emerging multilinguals, I suppose.

(Also, I am largely back on the bandwagon due to Carl Oliver’s #MTBoSBlogsplosion. Check it out and join in!)2017-01-03-17-23-23

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

2 thoughts on “The One With Balance

  1. I love these kinds of problems. It seems like the student is using the equals sign pretty naturally. Maybe you can sneak another one of these problems into a inter-spersed review at the beginning of class next week and then you can have the equals conversation.

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