Day 45: The One with the PSAT

Logistical changes lead to my room being needed for PSAT proctoring, so I arrive at school beore 7:30 for the 3rd day in a row, put all the desks into rows and cover up the academic sentence frames on the walls (and frantically clear off the tables and try to make it look like I have some sembance of cleanliness, which I clearly don’t).

I spend the rest of the day as the rotating proctor. I have the unique (but maybe not unique) privilege of watching as one of my kiddos spends the whole time frantically writing (literally from the time I say “go” until I say stop and almost have to pry the pencil out of his hands) while simulteneously watching another one of my kiddos, 2 rows up, who can’t sit still the whole time.

I question whether or not the PSAT is appropriate for 10th grade emerging multilinguals. I want our kiddos to have this chance and I understand why the District wants all 10th graders to take it, but the language demands are high and most of our kiddos won’t take it until senior year.


Photo: View from my window upon arrival. Not shown: the messes on the desks.2016-10-19-07-12-54


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