Day 5: In Search of Figure 75

Week 1 is over and in the books. We kept looking at patterns today to kick off our linear relationships unit.

Today, the kiddos used their patterns from yesterday to try to find Figure 75, which is a pretty big leap. Especially this early in the year when I don’t quite know all of my kiddos’ mathematical propensities and when speaking English to critique the reasoning of others is still somewhat scary (but not unrealistic) to our newcomers. There were some groups I wish I had pushed more and some that are starting to internalize class norms. There will be time enough for that, I guess.

Photo: Work from one of the kiddos who was pushing their group and almost finished with Figure 75 (this was her 2nd day in class). What do you notice? What do you wonder?

2016-08-19 12.32.02-1

2016-08-19 17.44.23

Context: The Mathematics Twitter Blog-o-Sphere – a group of mathematics teachers who share their practice on the internet – is dedicating the month of August to writing a blog a day. It’s spearheaded by DruinOK. If you’re looking for ideas (and who isn’t?), prompts are here.


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