Day 2: The One with the School Values Posters

A week before school starts, we send out an all-staff email requesting magazines to make posters with. Because: Orientation. Because: School Values.

Following yesterday’s stop-and-go (which, ultimately, I think was successful), I’m ready for some meatier activities. We read about school values in the classroom (using some group structures, though reading is relatively groupworthy in and of itself for emerging bilinguals) and then make posters. Which is pretty amazing. Kiddos find photos, critique whether they are examples of the school values or not and then explain why (because I like to make kiddos explain things). Fascinating to see some of our 10th graders, who were initially much quieter, begin to step up.

What do you notice? What do you wonder?2016-08-16 17.32.20-1

One of my more favorite posters (protesting for Pluto is creating change, hunting fish is not):

2016-08-17 07.01.04


2016-08-16 17.32.37

Scaffolds for the class counting to 10 (if 2 kiddos speak at the same time, they have to start over):

2016-08-16 17.51.32

Notes which I am attempting to use to highlight the many ways that the kiddos are smart:

2016-08-16 18.07.07


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