Day 10: Samos a Barbadelo

We deviate from El Camino yet again to follow a road that is shorter. A friendly local tries to call us back, which is more than I’ve ever done for a tourist. 

The road is very green and there are lots of farms and farm smells (there are also lots of cars and few cafes).

As we enter Sarria, our nearest big city and the unofficial 100 km measure from Santiago de Compostela, a nice old woman tells us about all the horror stories and Horrible Stories that Happen to Americans en El Camino. I need to get antihistamines from a pharmacy so we go into the city anyway. 

We end up drinking 2 rounds of coffee in a local cafe and watching local citizens do their thing. 

We get back on El Camino, which promptly takes us past a lot of new hotels. Feels so different from our morning walk. 

(To be fair, we end up at an albergue with a pool, so I don’t really get to judge/comment…)


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