Day 4: Rabanal de Camino a Molinaseca

We start out under a cloudy sky. Shortly thereafter, as we continue uphill, I feel a drop. Then another. 

2 minutes later, we have pack covers out and ponchos on. Mine is a huge, blue, plastic one. I’m fairly certain it’s one of those things I’d saved “because I might need it some day.”


It looks (and feels) middle school embarrassing. 

It also stops raining 5 minutes later (though rain gear was the right answer).

We stop in at the warmest albergue and catch up with a few travel companions, including one who decides to take a rest day. 

Most of the rest of the day is downhill and there are fierce debates as to whether uphill or downhill is more difficult. The jury is still out. 

The views are spectacular, though. 


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