Day 1: León a Villa Mazarife

As we walk from León, a friendly local stops us. “English or Spanish?”, he asks us eagerly. I panic and don’t answer. My traveling companion says “English”.

The man stands excitedly before us. “Nature!”, he gestures to the left. “Road!”, he gestures to the right. 

We take the nature and it’s pretty spectacular. 

The albergue, or inn, that we pick is lovely. The food is good and there’s a big porch where people hang out after dinner. We hear stories from people who have been on the Camino since Saint Jean and who have elaborate travel plans to arrive in Santiago (it is my first day; I follow the yellow arrows that are painted everywhere). I read about 100 pages of the Swedish vampire novel that Amusing Mathias lent me and try to read about Smarter Balanced Assessment claims before falling asleep. 

Someone else snores loudly during the night. Apparently, there is at least one snorer in every albergue. If you can’t find them, it’s probably you. 


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