Madrid a Leon

I’m cheap, so I take the bus from Madrid to León. My main prior experience with buses is in Ecuador, so it’s interesting to see how the 2 countries are similar and different. 

The terminals in both countries have places to get food – some stands, some cafe-type places. 

Both buses offer movies. My friends used to joke that Ecuadorian bus movies almost always started Jean Claude Van Damm. I watch “Trash” on the bus to León. We are also served a breakfast, a lunch and 2 coffees (thereby rendering the sandwich I bought at the terminal ineffective, though I eat it anyway).

2 buses are leaving from the same part of the terminal at the same time. I can’t quite make out which line is for which bus or where to stand (and admittedly, am too lazy to ask). I stand around, hoping some of the other passengers will give some indication. As it turns out, they don’t know either (though we all make it onto our busses).

I get into León around 1pm. I see very few people. Are they all at home on siesta? (I don’t ask, so maybe I’ll never know). 

I also have trouble finding the hostel and the office where I need to pick up the Pilgrim’s credential. My memory versus actual map reality is a continuing theme of this trip. The nice man at the credential office suggests I do a practice run, trying to find the yellow arrows that mark El Camino. This proves to be sound advice. 



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