Day 163: Within Reach

Context: #MTBoS30 challenges you to write a blog a day about your mathematics classroom for 30 days. We have 14 days left, so…that’ll do pig?

We’re to the part of portfolios (our school’s essay writing/presentation making end-of-semester finals substitute) where some students are within reach of finishing, some are right where they should be and many are…not as close as they need to be.

Spending most of the day with my advisees makes it painfully obvious who needs more support.

I am also painfully aware of equities and inequities that have always existed within my classroom. That being said, I don’t know that I would redirect the attention that is frequently directed towards largely Latino Sudents With Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE). Many of the students who have strong prior schooling (who, admittedly, are largely Chinese speaking) need a hint or two and they’re off.

I’m never quite as caught up on proofreading as I want to be, but, after 3 years of practice and 4 prior portfolios sessions, I’m probably right where I should be.

I’m becoming obsessed with Uncle Tupelo’s “New Madrid” despite the realization (after 4 years) that it’s pronounced “Mad-rid” rather than “Ma-drid”.

Photo: Essay revisions and what this kiddo felt for a moment2016-05-09 20.42.20


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