Day 136: The One with the Quadratic Root Word Problems

Finishing off the week with some word problems. Our structure here is to have students read and translate word problems, work together to solve them, then do a write up on it. Aiming to build up English development and metacognitive skills.

Quadratic Root Word Problems

This problem was tough! Many groups spent the whole time working on the one problem. Even though we gave them the equation in factored form (which basically shows them the x-intercepts that they need to solve the problem), kiddos weren’t sure what to do. Current theory is that we spent so much time on using diamonds and rectangles to factor that students forgot why we were factoring (we talked about factored form about a week ago and then deviated. And I was gone for a while, too).

At any rate, kiddos did work together and there were some good strategies with lots of prodding (make a table, etc). It was also fascinating to see them work on the write up – even groups that struggled for the whole period got right to work on the write up. Hooray for repeated structures? We’ll see how much they retain for our first day back on Monday.

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