Day 134: The One Where the Diamonds and Rectangles Come Together

So interesting to be back today after basically 3 days away (“Mister, were you here yesterday?” *long pause* “No, Katrina…were you?”). We’re in the middle of teaching factoring quadratics, so it’s been interesting to see what kiddos have picked up and remembered and what they haven’t.

2016-03-23 18.40.10

I love a good group task, so it’s always interesting to see when individual practice goes over well. To be fair, we’ve been learning about how to factor quadratics based off of CPM‘s diamond and generic rectangle problems. So there are many parts and it is procedural and it is tricky to watch it all come together. That being said, it feels like students got a pretty solid idea of how the whole process works. We gave them an example that they had to explain to other students and then let them practice. We try to think a lot about scaffolding and not scaffolding, so it was great to see students adding back scaffolds that they found useful once we removed them.


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