Day 132: The One With the Diamonds and Rectangles

2016-03-21 18.55.20

Back in school after 2 days away. Our department has a work day tomorrow, so I’m actually out again tomorrow. I don’t think the kiddos believe I’m ever coming back.

In the journey of factoring quadratic functions, we started with diamonds and generic rectangles today. This is CPM’s way of helping students to see which numbers add or multiply together to get an equation and then using it in reverse to get to factored form.

We learned how to do diamond problems and students were into it (they were last year, too, possibly because it’s a procedure they can get comfortable with. That being said, it does help raise the concepts of adding and multiplying negative numbers, which are still an issue).

One issue we ran into is that the process is super procedural – students got stuck at first until they “just followed the process” and I worry that I didn’t aid much in the sense-making process. That being said, it’s a pretty procedural, um, process. So I need to think on that.

In other news, some years, your advisory is a dance advisory, some years, it’s not. This year’s advisory is definitely a dance advisory.


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