Day 112: The One With Probably Ultimately


One of many amazing things that fellow teacher Ms. Minjares said (or tweeted) to me reminded me that, sometimes, the best reflection is a picture of your desk.

2016-02-19 18.05.28

It must be that time of the marking period, which is how I seem to be starting all my emails these days.

One of the teachers I taught with last year came up with this cool structure where students solve a word problem on one day, then revisit it through a write-up the next day. It never ceases to amaze me how well (generally) our kiddos (all English Language Learners) will work together to read and understand the problems. It also never ceases to amaze me how much they get out of revisiting the problem, both mathematically, but also in terms of thinking about their own process.

Lines and angles problem write upOne of the many tensions I am thinking through right now is the tension between content and…everything. While content is, probably ultimately, my purpose as a math educator, it feels like there are so many other factors which affect content and, which sometimes need to take center stage. Accordingly, many of the #teach180 photos may start to reflect this.