Day 80: The One With the Portfolios Rubric

2015-12-17 06.51.44

Portfolios are starting to wind down. This means that the kiddos have written some (most? some…) of their essays. This also means that I can start grading things. While I usually like to grade in green pen (mostly because it’s not red), this year, I’m grading in pencil. So much of portfolios is practice and revision that being able to change grades is a necessary part of the process.

The former Operations Manager in me went and did some visual reformatting of the rubric (mostly moving the “things you did well” and “things to improve” to the top).

(I’m also going rogue and using my own version of the rubric which I updated over the summer while stuck on a plane flight. Don’t tell anyone. (he said on social media))


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