Day 72: The One With the Last Quiz…

…of the semester.

Crazy to think that we are done with content for all of first semester. In some ways, it feels so quick (with so many misconceptions still to fix and so much material still to cover, uy), but then again, August seems so far away (on both ends).

Photo #1: Solving Equations Individual Quiz

2015-12-05 01.29.59

In the end, it feels like the strength of the answers reflects how well groups worked together. Groups and/or students that struggled in class and on the group quiz seemed to struggle on the individual quiz while groups that worked well throughout the unit seemed to do well enough on the quiz. I haven’t graded them yet (uy), so we’ll see how it actually turns out.

This is from one of the individual quizzes for our group that had less experience solving equations. There was a lot of language scaffolding for the first problem. While the second answer isn’t really the answer we were looking for, the student shows that understand ideas of balance and making zero, which is good.

Photo #2: Don’t Wanna Talk About It

Have we talked about how long a semester it’s been? I mean, not really any longer than other semesters, but after a full unit with algebra tile manipulatives and many handouts to scaffold learning (plus preparation for upcoming portfolios and a semester of buddy reading in advisory), my room is in a state. I spent a non-significant amount of time looking for a student’s bus pass that they left in my room and that I put in my desk for safekeeping. And then couldn’t find. (I found it in 30 seconds the next day. I’m fairly sure it knew I was looking for it and just hid from me)

Side note: Post-sixth period me is probably the grouchiest me.

Anyway. I’m hoping to clean before portfolios. Dinna hold yer breath.


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