Day 51: The One With the 2D and 3D Drawings


2015-10-31 13.43.17This photo is from the middle of the Packaging Project. Kiddos found the volume for 6 everyday objects (pencils, tape, gluesticks or erasers) and then had to design a package to fit them. One part consists of drawing 3 nets (2d versions of a 3d shape) and finding the surface area and volume.

Around this point, my coach told me to stop intervening so early and to wait for a group to call me over with a group question. Interestingly (and probably obviously to everyone but me), when I don’t intervene, students work it out.

The two kiddos who were working on this paper did a good job. At some point, we did go back and correct the misconception of 2d versus 3d. But it was pretty cool to see them talk it out and work so hard while they did it.