Day -6: The One With the Math Problem in the Middle Space

Day two of District training through a Complex Instruction lens. Really appreciative of being able to spend time with other staff members beforehand to take time to actively think about common structures we want to use for groupwork (Complex Instruction) and how we want to work with each other. We’re also trying a structure to observe each other in hopes of knowing more about each other’s classrooms and practices. Pretty pumped to have time to revamp our scope and sequence, journal structure and opening structure before schoolwide PD starts. Next week, we’ll have more time to revamp our first unit (in addition to classroom setup and schoolwide meetings and…)

Photo: The Math Problems in the Middle SpaceMath problems in the middle spaceWe always kick off District Complex Instruction Days by doing math together. For me, this is a chance to work and connect with colleagues who I may not know, to remind myself that I am still a learner, and to think about ways that our teaching and teaching structures may affect our kiddos, especially in terms of what it means to be a student of math and what it means to be smart and successful in math. In particular, we looked at this problem and how the language of the task and how the requirements for an “A+ answer” raised the ceiling of the problem and really could push students to do more.


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