Day 178: The One With the Melted Ice Cream

Last day of school? Already?

Photo: The Melted Ice CreamIce Cream from the last dayThe last day of school, at least at the school I’m at, is a crazy mix of:

  • Say goodbye to School Without Walls kiddos
  • Go to assembly with School Without Walls kiddos
  • Say goodbye to Advisory kiddos
  • Pack up room*
  • Board red-eye flight to elsewhere**

Sitting in assemblies always makes me nervous. It’s hard for me to classroom manage, still, and it’s even harder when your kiddos are spread throughout two rows and everyone else is trying to be quiet (or at least appears to try to be quiet). Better than last year, though.

At some point during the “Pack up room” portion of the day, another teacher came in with a tub of ice cream (food is an essential part of the “Say goodbye to Advisory kiddos” portion of the day). “Here,” the teacher said, handing it to me (my reputation with sweets precedes me?). “Maybe you can split it with some students.”

I left the ice cream on my desk for 3 hours, then proceeded to eat the melted remains by myself in a 30-second sitting.

Happy summer vacation, y’all.

*This is neat and orderly because you effectively spent the last week doing a little bit ofscheduled clean-up each afternoon. Oh, you didn’t? Well, never mind. Just throw everything in a box.

**This part is optional. Unless you’re me.

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