Day 177: The One With the Pupusa Making Station

If you had told me that helping students run a cafe, the day after graduation, two years in a row, was a good idea, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

Except that I have photographic evidence this year. (And apparently I wrote it down on my calendar last year, despite no real memory of the actual order of events).

Photo: The One With the Pupusa Making StationMaking pupusasDespite all the time we spent talking about new recipes and healthy foods, all the kiddos really wanted in the end were pupusas. Commentary on the changing demographics of our school? Maybe. Gravitating to the familiar? Maybe. We did end up selling most of the food we made, but the pupusas were by far the most popular. At one point, I wanted to institute a “One-Of-The-Pupusa-Cooks-Must-Speak-A-Non-Spanish-Language”, but I think that’s a thought for another year.

Big takeaways from this course?

  • “You can’t really plan for the cafe”-a paraphrase from a coworker.
  • It’s great to give students a choice of what to order, but from the logistics point of view, it’s probably easiest to give them many different foods on a single plate.
  • Related: You can, in fact, return 10 blocks of unused mozzarella to Safeway.
  • The kiddos really like pupusas. #SurpriseNotSurprise

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