Day 175: The One With the Spa Water

Catching up on the last week of blogging, none of which is technically content-related. #SorryNotSorry

Photo: Healthy SodaHealthy sodaIt’s interesting to watch this class play out for a second year. I feel like I’m able to pay more attention to what the cooks are hoping our students will take away. (This is technically also the first time I’ve seen the cooking portion of the class) We cooked quite a few things today (and also prepared for the cafe that the kiddos will do on Thursday), but one of the more interesting dishes was thinking about how to make soda into a healthy dish. Options included smoothies, healthy soda (diluted juice, which was actually pretty tasty) and what I’m pretty sure one of the chefs called “spa water” – fruits soaked in mineral water. We probably should have let the fruit soak longer – there was some taste, but it wasn’t as popular as the healthy soda or smoothies.

Speaking of which, I got to explain to one kiddo that, in America, when a little kiddo doesn’t like food, sometimes we make it into an airplane, which goes arooooound the mountain (it took about 20 seconds for the kiddo to realize I was making fun of them). #IRegretNothing


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