Day 178: The One With the Melted Ice Cream

Last day of school? Already?

Photo: The Melted Ice CreamIce Cream from the last dayThe last day of school, at least at the school I’m at, is a crazy mix of:

  • Say goodbye to School Without Walls kiddos
  • Go to assembly with School Without Walls kiddos
  • Say goodbye to Advisory kiddos
  • Pack up room*
  • Board red-eye flight to elsewhere**

Sitting in assemblies always makes me nervous. It’s hard for me to classroom manage, still, and it’s even harder when your kiddos are spread throughout two rows and everyone else is trying to be quiet (or at least appears to try to be quiet). Better than last year, though.

At some point during the “Pack up room” portion of the day, another teacher came in with a tub of ice cream (food is an essential part of the “Say goodbye to Advisory kiddos” portion of the day). “Here,” the teacher said, handing it to me (my reputation with sweets precedes me?). “Maybe you can split it with some students.”

I left the ice cream on my desk for 3 hours, then proceeded to eat the melted remains by myself in a 30-second sitting.

Happy summer vacation, y’all.

*This is neat and orderly because you effectively spent the last week doing a little bit ofscheduled clean-up each afternoon. Oh, you didn’t? Well, never mind. Just throw everything in a box.

**This part is optional. Unless you’re me.

Day 177: The One With the Pupusa Making Station

If you had told me that helping students run a cafe, the day after graduation, two years in a row, was a good idea, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

Except that I have photographic evidence this year. (And apparently I wrote it down on my calendar last year, despite no real memory of the actual order of events).

Photo: The One With the Pupusa Making StationMaking pupusasDespite all the time we spent talking about new recipes and healthy foods, all the kiddos really wanted in the end were pupusas. Commentary on the changing demographics of our school? Maybe. Gravitating to the familiar? Maybe. We did end up selling most of the food we made, but the pupusas were by far the most popular. At one point, I wanted to institute a “One-Of-The-Pupusa-Cooks-Must-Speak-A-Non-Spanish-Language”, but I think that’s a thought for another year.

Big takeaways from this course?

  • “You can’t really plan for the cafe”-a paraphrase from a coworker.
  • It’s great to give students a choice of what to order, but from the logistics point of view, it’s probably easiest to give them many different foods on a single plate.
  • Related: You can, in fact, return 10 blocks of unused mozzarella to Safeway.
  • The kiddos really like pupusas. #SurpriseNotSurprise

Day 176: The One With the Graduation

GraduationI don’t care much for graduation photos. They don’t really capture all the hard work that the kiddos put in to actually getting to graduation.

That being said, I get that it’s a big deal for the kiddos. A really big deal. The speeches were really well done this year. Like, mainstream funny. I’ll probably be less grumpy about graduation when it’s students I’ve taught.

(Contentwise, we spent this day at the food bank, helping to sort and package food. So amazing to see how quickly some of our students, who might not be considered successful in the traditional school sense, do an amazing job. There also may or may not be a video of them singing karaoke in the process. Because: teenagers!)

Day 175: The One With the Spa Water

Catching up on the last week of blogging, none of which is technically content-related. #SorryNotSorry

Photo: Healthy SodaHealthy sodaIt’s interesting to watch this class play out for a second year. I feel like I’m able to pay more attention to what the cooks are hoping our students will take away. (This is technically also the first time I’ve seen the cooking portion of the class) We cooked quite a few things today (and also prepared for the cafe that the kiddos will do on Thursday), but one of the more interesting dishes was thinking about how to make soda into a healthy dish. Options included smoothies, healthy soda (diluted juice, which was actually pretty tasty) and what I’m pretty sure one of the chefs called “spa water” – fruits soaked in mineral water. We probably should have let the fruit soak longer – there was some taste, but it wasn’t as popular as the healthy soda or smoothies.

Speaking of which, I got to explain to one kiddo that, in America, when a little kiddo doesn’t like food, sometimes we make it into an airplane, which goes arooooound the mountain (it took about 20 seconds for the kiddo to realize I was making fun of them). #IRegretNothing