Day 169: The One With the Cold Pupusa

Believe it or don’t, portfolios are over. Two weeks left, during which I’ll be co-teaching an elective class on healthy cooking and eating.

Photo: The One With the Cold PupusasCold PupusaPortfolios means, among other things, having the same group of (generally awesome) advisees in the same room for the whole day. We let them listen to music, we let them eat (if they bring food).

One group of advisees has twice signed up to bring food the last day and has twice brought pupusas, a Salvadoreña food that the kiddos seem to enjoy. Alas, snack break always seems to happen in the eye of the storm. Once again, I am left with a cold pupusa to eat at the end of the day. (They’re still just as good)

Incidentally, I’m hoping this photo will shame me into cleaning my desk.

Two to Go

As I mentioned, I spend the last two weeks of school co-teaching an elective course on healthy eating. Our kiddos often come missing several credits (especially electives, such as art and PE), so we have a 2 week credit recovery elective class at the end of the year. We call it School Without Walls, other schools call it “intersession electives” and many of our Spanish speakers simply call it “paseos” (vacations). The idea is to do some hands-on learning and explore the city. I guess I’ll take “vacations”.

We who are about to School Without Walls salute you.

(Full confession: I mostly wrote this post so I could add that tag. #IRegretNothing)


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