WCYDWT: 200 Years of Immigration to the US

Math teachers (and I suspect other teachers) love to find interesting images and then ask each other: “What Can You Do With This?” It prompts a lot of good questions and gets people to engage in ways that a drafted, scripted curriculum often can’t. (As an aside, we often prompt our ELL kiddos by asking them “What do you observe?” “What do you wonder?”)

So, I ask you, “What Can You Do With This?”* “What do you observe? What do you wonder?”:

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-15 19.53.14

Useful phrases: “I observe _____.” “I wonder ____.”

I obviously have my own observations and wonderings, which I can share later.

*Images and data from Natalia Bronshtein, who credits them to the Yearbook of Immigration Statistics.


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