The One With the Spring Break Reflection

At the beginning of each break, I make a mental list of things to do. If I’m lucky, this gets translated into a paper list (which means it has a better chance of actually happening). And sometimes, some of the things actually get done.

Or I just end up spinning my wheels at 3am…

Some Reflections:I was fortunate enough to spend last weekend at Spring Meeting for a Fellowship that I’m part of. Great opportunity to spend time with other rookie math and science teachers thinking about all the things. Currently thinking about:

  • How to better integrate the Common Core Math Practices into my class.
    • I’d always though that I focused most on Math Practice 1 (Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them). Now, I worry that I don’t give the kiddos enough time to really think about things. There are lots of side factors – classroom management (which seems to worsen as kiddos persevere less) and a general need to jump in.
    • I’d actually like to focus more on Math Practice 7 (Look for and make use of structure). I feel like the kiddos often aren’t connecting patterns and other repetitions. A lot of this is me not framing this well or not being explicit enough.
  • Other people’s contexts. So much of understanding what people are struggling with, celebrating and pondering relates back to where they are (geographically, emotionally, etc) and who/what they’re surrounded by. This is really hard to do when everyone is spread throughout the city/state/country (Basically anywhere except my school). This could also be me enabling myself to not commit to giving advice.
  • Related to that, I’m trying to visit some of my friends’ classrooms over break. Just to get a feel for what they’re doing.
  • I’m also trying to minimize the amount of grading I do this break, but I’m already seeing that head down the tubes.
  • We have 4 more weeks of content until we start doing year end things. Frick.

Related but unrelated:

  • I’m spending more time watching “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” than I’d want to admit to. I suspect that theme song is going to one of those memories I keep going back to (Ask me about the Veronica Mars theme song and my time in Ecuador).
  • We are clearly at the time of break where I’m starting to panic about how much time has gone by (a lot) and how much time is left (not a lot). Frick. Again.

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