Day 135: The One With Two Reference Angles

One week to go before spring break. But who’s counting? Certainly not me. Certainly not the kiddos.

More Right Triangle Trig this week as we barrel towards our unit exam and spring break. We’re back into a routine of doing problems in class, which feels a little less crazy than trying to go outside to measure the school.

Photo: The Challenge Problem With Two Reference AnglesTwo Reference AnglesDon’t let the wording fool you; this was a problem that everyone did. Kiddos seemed to struggle with it and the idea that there can be 2 reference angles. They also struggled quite a bit with how the ratio changes with the angle. Most kiddos figured out that the sine of one angle was the same as the cosine of the other angle in the triangle, but often couldn’t explain why or point to the corresponding angles in the diagram.

That being said, most students did eventually find the distance of the ramp. In one of many questionable teacher moves, I ended up giving the 2nd challenge (an inverse sine problem, which students seem to find easier) first, which gave students a little bit of confidence.

Related but Unrelated

Graded the rest of the picture projects this weekend. Nearly ended in me being a babbling mess amidst other math teachers. And yes, these are the projects from, uh, a month ago. Students seemed to recognize them when they got them back, which is good.

I am now about to grade as many homeworks as I can in hopes of getting printed progress reports to students tomorrow. I want them to be aware of grades, but am also worrying that we are pushing them to thinking about grades instead of knowledge. Sigh.


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