Day 19: The One With the Crumpled Paper

Raise your hand if you’ve fallen off the blogging train.

We’ve started a unit project that will actually span two units (linear relationships and slope). The idea is for students to design a product and then make graphs to help them set a price for their product. The plan is to actually sell the best product (as chosen by our classes). Overall objective: understand linear relationships.

This means graphs for days. We need the practice.

Photo: The Crumpled Paper
Crumpled Paper This photo is from a group of students that had a rough start when we changed seats this week. Different personalities, different school experiences, different math histories. Recently, they’ve been working together well (knock on wood). Some combo of helping a student who likes to work quickly see the benefits of working with the group rather than rushing ahead and helping students who tend to work more slowly see some of the things they can contribute (translating, explaining their calculations, explaining to group members who don’t understand the first time around). (I wish I were better at explicitly drawing attention to this in class. Next year?).

At one point, one of the kiddos asked if their graph was correct. I said “no”. They crumpled it up and threw it on the table (mostly kidding, I think). We talked about the graph as a group and fixed it (kind of). If you look closely, you can see the results of the crumpling as well as an impromptu explanation of why we multiply the number of products by the price to get the revenue. Also, a somewhat incorrect graph. Because: what would we do tomorrow if today were perfect?

The group later asked if another graph was correct, at which point the kiddo in question covered his ears and said “don’t tell me!” (we worked it out).


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