Days -2 and -1: The One Where I’m Ready (or Not)…

Kiddos are back in school tomorrow, or rather, today. Two days of orientation, then we’re right into content.

Photo #1: Working Norms

2014-08-18 01.47.11

At our school, we talk a lot about norms. This helps set clear expectations for everyone involved. There are norms for classes, for students, for teachers, for everyone. This is a list of initial norms for one of the groups I work with. We then discussed our individual norms to build a list of group norms.

Photo #2: The Room

2014-08-15 17.45.16Every year, I consistently try (and fail) at getting the whole 360 degrees of my room into one photo. Maybe next year? I stayed 2 hours later than I intended to and the room still doesn’t feel quite 100%. I’d put it at 85%, which is functional for now.

What I’m Working On

One of the things I’m trying to do this year is focus what I’m working on. I could try and get better at everything, but I think that’s too overwhelming. So here are the big 3 (for now):

  • Support students who struggle by identifying and then supporting gaps in prior knowledge.
  • Strengthen classroom management by being clear about consequences, recognizing positive behavior and knowing and communicating what the boundary is for when a student deserves to be sent out.
  • Push students to speak English. One of my prouder moments last year was when one of the kiddos looked at me and said: “Mr., you speak a lot less Spanish this semester.”

One of my friends is fond of saying “You can only do year one once.” I’d counter with “I spent all year wishing I’d known what I know now on the first day of school.” I guess tomorrow (today) will test if that is true or not.



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