Day -5: The One With the Reading Brainstorm, the Desk and the Run

First day back at school for teachers. Kiddos report next week. So good (truly) to see so many old and new faces.

Photo #1: Reading Brainstorm

2014-08-11 19.03.26 HDR

As a school, one of our (many) foci this year is reading. Among other things, we brainstormed what it means to be a teacher of reading and the implications it has for us.

Some reading thoughts:

  • I can read, but I couldn’t tell you the steps, strategies or problem areas. Pedagogical Content Knowledge? Content Knowledge for Teaching? Bueller?
  • “Fanfare” has come up repeatedly to describe celebrating around the joy of reading.
  • We’ll be reading “Hatchet” as a school. I’ve never actually read this book. Hello summer homework.

Photo #2: The Desk

2014-08-11 17.34.37-1

Spent about 2 hours trying to get my room in order. Today’s objective was to get my desk clean. Still working on it. Main takeaway: I need to put things in boxes (or bags) and contain the mess to one drawer.

Photo #3: The Run

2014-08-11 06.52.21

Made myself get up early (twice) to go running today as part of my ongoing struggle to achieve work/life balance. I did run for about half an hour and made it to school on time, so yay me?

I wonder:

  • What book(s) are y’all reading?
  • What books should I recommend to my students (9th and 10th graders, but all range of languages and abilities)?
  • Will this running before school thing last?
  • How long can I keep my desk clean? Will the kiddos even notice?
  • When I say “Book It”, you say “_____________”?
  • Did I totally fail as an adolescent by never reading “The Hatchet”?

4 thoughts on “Day -5: The One With the Reading Brainstorm, the Desk and the Run

  1. I looove YA literature – some favorites of mine (that I think are favorites of the students nowadays too?) include Hunger Games and Divergent series (if they haven’t read those already), The Maze Runner series (if they have read those already), anything by John Green, and any of the Percy Jackson books (especially for developing readers and/or guys, from my experience).

  2. I’d recommend The Book Thief. Also, for me book-it = free pizza hut. I think this is the second time I have thought about book-it this month, and you were the cause of both! Good luck with your preps for this year Profe Nick.

  3. Katrina: Thanks for the rec! The link is busy but I can’t wait to read it soon. (and I’ve said I’ll let myself join a gym if I run consistently for a month. Which hasn’t happened yet. Ha)
    Michelle: EXCELLENT recommendations. I secretly would love to have my entire advisory read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (thought about DonorsChoosing a class set of the graphic novel). I am totally planning to read “The Maze Runner”. “For research”, of course.
    Amusing Mathias: ¡Muchas gracias! I maintain that Book-It is one of the defining features of our generation (The Fault in Our Stars also came up in conversation at school at one point).

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