Day 56: The First Mobiles

First MobilesFast forward a bit: we’re now at the end of the area unit, working on the Mobile Project. Students draw themed objects, then find the area and cut them out of foam. Much harder than it looks. Today, we’re about mid-way through the project, meaning that the kiddos are at drastically different parts and beginning to struggle. I felt like I was all over the place trying to help everyone, without making effective use of group structure. I’m also wishing we (I) had dedicated more time to scaffolding and just to the lesson in general. (Did I also mention that we have 4 short weeks to finish the last unit of the semester? Starting Tuesday?)

I never know which of my classes will surprise me. It was a struggle throughout the day. Then, all of a sudden, my last class (the one that was furthest behind) pulled out of nowhere; five students finished their portion of the mobile. Kind of a nice reminder that the kiddos will always surprise you. There’s still some tweaking and reflecting to do, but I had to take a photo as evidence. I wish I had a photo that showed the math (calculations, drawings, etc), but for now, this’ll do.


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