The Evil Math Dictator


Day 172: Last Day of Homework

Today, I assigned the last piece of homework for this year (we begin finals review next week and students can review their packets at home at their discretion). Makes it feel like the year is winding down. I also wish we had assigned a bit more homework this quarter – we got a late start for the unit we’re on now and I feel like more practice might have been helpful. Side note: I also referred to myself as “the evil math dictator” today. I’m pretty sure this has to do with assigning homework.


Day 171: Diamonds and Rectangles

As you may see in the photo from above, we’re learning how to use generic rectangles and diamonds to help students organize their thinking around multiplying and factoring polynomials. I never actually used these strategies in high school, so it’s interesting to teach myself and to see which strategies take (students don’t seem to buy the generic rectangles for multiplying as most of them were taught to FOIL, but they seemed to have used the diamonds quite a bit for factoring). (Side note: this photo is actually from Day 172, but the content holds. Also, I started to erase the work before I took the photo)

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