Let There Be Light…

The fluorescent light outside our apartment has been out ever since I moved here. I’ve flagged it as a problem and had been meaning to fix it for ages. (The catch, of course, being that I can only fix it when there’s natural light and these days, that’s when I’m at work)

Yesterday, I finally dragged out the folding chair (we don’t have a ladder). I couldn’t figure out how to remove the cover, so I googled it. Then I wasn’t sure how to remove the bulbs, so I googled that, too. As I unscrewed the light bulb, both of them came on. Whatever happened to the lights, it wasn’t an issue with the bulbs. I suspect it was an issue with the starter.

The takeaway being (and I use this in my job all the time), if you don’t know the answer, you should probably google it. Also: don’t touch live wires. They’re scary.

Update: I went to take a photo of the light this morning for this blog. The lights are out again. Back to Step One. Time to replace the starter. Sigh.


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