The La Entrada Diaries

Back in my third year of Peace Corps (the one with internet and an office), I started making daily lists of what I did each day. Mostly to try and convince one of my clustermates (who lived in a tiny, tiny town called La Entrada) to take a similar office position so we could hang out in the office and do random Ecuadorian things (he didn’t. Boo). In retrospect, it was also a nice catalog of what I did on a day-to-day basis. At the time, my routine seemed so clear to me, but I don’t remember much of it now (a mere 2 years later).

A sample:

  • Spent the morning at my counterpart organization (did visits with ladies in the market place, got regalar’d bananas)
  • Had lunch at same organization with lots of Germans and one Brit (I kind of want to learn German now, we’ll see)
  • Went to El Recreo (big shopping mall near where I work – not as good as El Paseo) and almost bought ginger, a belt, barley and a battery but changed my mind (because I didn’t have a $20 bill that I wanted to change) and just bought the battery.
  • Came back to work…at 3pm
  • Talked to a volunteer and her husband and chatted with my housemate from California while theoretically discussing the program newsletter we put out
  • Walked said volunteers out of the office, picked up money for rent, tried (unsuccessfully) to pay landlord (at 4pm)
  • Bought a bag of uvillas for $1. ONE DOLLAR! Mmmm…uvillas

That being said, I’m trying once again to catalog my daily doings at work. No one I know really seems to know what I do at work (Hell, I barely know what I do at work), let alone what the general nonprofit operations field does, so I figure now’s as good as any to start documenting.

Yesterday (because I forgot):

  • Troubleshot application forms
  • Called/emailed career centers
  • Programmed recruitment email


  • Worked on Twitter analytics.
  • Ran playroll
  • Started to balance our books

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