From the least political person EVER

I spent about ten minutes last night trying to decide if I actually wanted to watch the State of the Union. The part of me that wants to be more civically engaged wanted to see the whole thing through (with subtitles and all) to “be there” “while the experience was happening” (I also wanted to see the education part). The part of me that’s trying to be more productive and fit 30 hours into 24 said to turn the SOTU on in the living room, work in the bedroom (I did the same thing with the Niners game on Sunday. They lost), read the speech online afterwards and catch the highlights on YouTube.

I caved and watched the State of the Union. Was it worth it? As much as any speech can be, yeah. I liked the line about spilled milk. I think that we need to do a better job engaging students before we can demand that they stay in school until age 18 (if someone’s disengaged at 15, good luck getting them to stick around ’til 18. Journalist Dana Goldstein lays it out here). I think there were a lot of good calls to action and now we (the Royal We? The Collective We? Yeah.) need to make that happen.

Cool SOTU infographics here (Twitter) and here (keywords).

PS I’m not quite sure what this post says about me or my generation, but, hey, I never promised you a policy wonk blog, did I?

Things I Did At Work Today (To Be Explained in a Blog Later):

  • Added a table of comments and did madcap formatting to our employee handbook
  • Sat in on a bookkeeping call so that we can (finally) get our books in order
  • Called career centers to promote our Blue Engine Teaching Assistant position
  • Started running Twitter analytics

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