Dear Future Halloween Costume Self:

You are prone to forgetting things (as evidenced by this year), so I am telling you now: next year, shave your head into a mohawk and be a hipster (and then buzz your head before work the next day. No one will be the wiser). You lived in East Williamsbushwick. You have earned this right.

A little less than a year ago, I had a great idea for a costume. I told myself to write it down because I knew I wouldn’t remember it. But (surprise) I forgot to write it down. I have no clue what that brilliant costume was supposed to be. Oops. (I’m 95% sure I was supposed to have been a cereal lady killer)

This year, Housemate and I started talking about Halloween costumes on Tuesday, which should have been a tip-off to me to get my act together (we were still in the planning stages on Friday. Oops). At one point, I was going to buy a white bedsheet and go as a ghost. Not just any ghost – the ghost from Paranormal Activity 3 (hope that’s not a spoiler). You know, the one that you can see get closer and closer to the lone girl in the scene until it shows up right behind her and then throws off the bedsheet to reveal…NOTHING. (creepiest scene EFFVER)

But I couldn’t get that together (had to do laundry), so I ended up scouring the closet. Hawai’ian shirt? Shorts? Tourist. Done. Too bad it snowed on Saturday…