And I Lived To Tell About It…

One of my big take-aways from a meeting yesterday is the importance of story-telling, so here I am, back on the blog (for now).

I drove. In New York. In the Bronx. On the freeway. And lived to tell about it.

(not to steal my own thunder, but a high school friend drove in Manhattan on a whim about a year ago. I’m not sure if that makes me less bad-ass or if that makes Californians more bad-ass in general. Admittedly, I also drove in Brooklyn, in a U-Haul, on the freeway last weekend, but Brooklyn is much more familiar to me).

In an effort to evaluate our “culinary services” during training (ie how well my co-worker and I buy food – she’s awesome, I’d feed the whole crew peanut butter and jelly if I could), we learned that we’re not buying enough food (28 people, but only 2 people to schlep it from the supermarket 3 blocks away). So we rented a ZipCar. It took me 15 minutes to find the garage (a block from the subway stop) and then 5 minutes to figure out how to release the parking brake (yes, it’s been a while).

That being said, I’m falling in love with the idea of driving. Maybe it’s just my role as a B&T Crew (Bridge and Tunnel Crew, which is any non-Manhattanite) member, but the ability to go anywhere at anytime is becoming more and more appealing.